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Even when we are experienced sailors who have invested time and effort in our boat, the sea can still be unpredictable, the weather is changeable and accidents unfortunately do happen. This is why it is so important that when you embark on a boat purchase, you also give your boat insurance policy the attention it deserves.

We have already done the work for you. At Azul Yachts our insurance management service means we can advise you and offer maximum cover for boats, based on their particular characteristics and requirements. We start from the basis that any motorboat (including jet skis) or sailing yachts over 6 metres in length (even without a motor), as well as foreign boats sailing in Spanish waters, are required by law to have third party liability insurance.

But, as well as this compulsory sailing insurance, it is important that you consider taking out further cover that will mean you can set sail with greater peace of mind with a policy that is appropriate to your boat’s characteristics, its use and any potential risks that you may face (long journeys, climatic conditions, etc.).

Therefore, at Azul Yachts we have designed a series of boat insurance policies that adapt to your particular circumstances and offer optimal guarantees, exclusive accident management and swift processing so that any incident will receive a rapid response 365 days of the year.

We are well aware that your peace of mind depends on this when sailing or when encountering long stays at port. Therefore our aim is to provide you with the fullest cover and the best price so that in the face of any unexpected events your family, your boat and you will be covered.

So whatever your case, we can advise you. Once you’ve taken out the policy, common sense and good maintenance will do the rest… Ready to set sail?