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Whenever your boat needs a change of look, the wind blows in favour of a refit. In other words: refurbishing its appearance, improving its performance by enhancing its features, or fine-tuning it.Don’t hesitate to do this if you’re thinking of selling, if you need to modernise it or if it’s not been used for a while:

  • If selling: When you put a boat on the market first impressions can make a real difference. It’s not just about its appearance but also its performance and engine. Therefore a refit before you sell is recommended to show your boat in its best light and make a good sale.
  • Change of look: Sometimes it’s enough to change a specific part of your boat’s appearance to make it look as good as new (for example, changing the upholstery, sails, awning fabrics, mats, etc.). But if you’re looking for a more radical change, a comprehensive refit will bring your boat up to date and enhance its features and it will be like launching it all over again.
  • Fine-tuning:  If your boat has not been used for a while you need to have it checked over properly. This is essential so that it can face the summer months and any damage or breakages can be repaired.

Whatever your reasons and requirements, the Azul Yachts refit service can carry out any refurbishments or refits your boat needs. A professional team specialising in different areas (technical and aesthetics) will offer you specific solutions in each field:

  • Mechanics: Repairs or replacement of engines and hydraulic systems.
  • Electrics:  Repairs or replacement of installations such as generators, air conditioning systems, interior and exterior lighting, batteries and cooling equipment.
  • Electronics: Repairs or replacement of communications equipment, navigating equipment, automatic pilots, etc.
  • Joinery: Repairs or replacement of exterior and interior woodwork, sanding, varnishing, etc.
  • Upholstery:  Repairs or replacement of upholstery, making sails, tarpaulins, awnings, mats, etc.

So now you know: if you’re looking for a change get in touch with us. We will provide you with all the information you need and give you a tailor-made quote.