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Do you have a berth and want to sell it? Or would you prefer to rent it? Do you need a berth so you can buy or change your boat? Are you looking for a berth at a particular port for specific dates? If any of these apply to you, this is your section. Because if there is anything more difficult than finding a needle in a haystack then it’s finding a free berth in the Balearic Islands. Especially during high season, and for specific dates and at certain ports. Despite the fact that Mallorca alone has more than 16,186 berths demand is huge. So in order to streamline, manage and resolve any matters relating to berths, Azul Yachts offers a service that covers the supply and demand of berths for all manner of boats, from luxury super yachts to the smallest boats.

Whatever your case, we can help. We can manage the booking of your berth or search for berths and concessions that are for sale, we can also streamline bookings for certain marinas in order to reduce waiting times (in the case of long stays), we can inform you about the characteristics of each port and advise you about negotiating on price, which is always affected by demand and the size of the boat.

But the price is the second stage. First we need to ask you for some information:

  • If your berth is for rent or sale, we need details about the port and where the berth is located within the port, maximum boat size, availability, the type of rental you’re looking for, etc. This is the first step in order to establish the price (without any additional cost) before launching our marketing plan aimed at achieving maximum promotion of the berths internationally.
  • If you’re looking for a berth you need to provide us with all the information about the boat you want to buy, your preferred ports and (for rentals) the dates you’re interested in.

Once we have this information we will get in touch with you and once our search is clear you can be sure we will find you the right berth, always with the maximum legal and professional guarantees.