Everything influences in the art of sailing: experience, knowledge, the boat, the state of the sea, and even intuition. And when it comes to buying or selling a boat, many factors come into play and at Azul Yachts we can deal with each and every one.

The services we offer have been designed with a broad, global vision of our clients’ potential needs. We can help you with whatever requirements you may have as a result of any transaction (sale or purchase) or that may arise prior to this (valuation, financing, advice…) or after (maintenance, insurance, after-sales services…). With this in mind, you decide where you want our commercial relationship to begin and end, up to which point you want us to accompany you and which of our services you are interested in.

If your requirements are the highest and, above all, if you want a broker you can rely on completely you can be sure that our response will more than meet your expectations. This is why, as well as the services outlined below, we have also designed our 360º Pack and our Monthly Supervision Plan.