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We are not sure of the origin of the phrase “prevention is better than a cure”. But we are sure that a sailor came up with it, and that Poseidon himself, god of the sea, lived by it.

Because when applied to the maintenance of a boat it makes complete sense. When caring for our boat nothing should be left to chance. Every boat, from the simplest to the most modern and sophisticated, needs time invested in its maintenance to ensure it runs smoothly and to ensure its appearance and value is maintained for longer.

At Azul Yachts we are aware of this and so we offer various after-sales services that focus on the maintenance of your new boat, designed particularly for those owners who, for whatever reason (distance, residence, lack of time, etc.) are unable to do it themselves.

As well as the service we have called our “Super¬vision Plan”, which involves carrying out checks throughout the year, you can also request a tailor-made maintenance service, which we will design to meet the specific characteristics of your boat and your requirements. Whatever your case, we will analyse your needs and design a personalised annual pack designed to streamline your boat’s maintenance costs.

Based on this we will set a fixed monthly charge, for your peace of mind..

From the moment you take out this service, your boat will be in the hands of the best technical team, who will ensure it is always finely tuned. They will be able to detect any signs of deterioration (a worn rope, a tear in the sales, a noise in the engine…). A team that is not intimidated by a challenge and who will dedicate their time and knowledge to monitoring wear and tear, preventing problems and anticipating the best solutions. Without leaving any loose ends.