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They say that as soon as you step aboard your boat and call it by its name, a very special bond is created between owner and boat. It's a relationship in that you are going to have to look after and invest time and dedication in its maintenance.

Except you don’t have time. In this case, when you need to delegate your boat’s care, you can leave it in our safe hands.

At Azul Yachts we are aware of the seasonal needs of many owners so we offer an exclusive after-sales service that we have given a name but most importantly a lot of thought. This is our “Supervision PLAN”. It’s an annual plan to carry out monthly checks on boats for which we assume total commitment so that owners of Beneteau, Montecarlo or CNB Yachts (new or second hand) don’t have to worry about a thing.

What are the advantages of this service? The main advantage is PEACE OF MIND for you, in capital letters. You get this thanks to the hard work of our team who are all specialists in the manufacturers that we sell exclusively. This means you are guaranteed that the checks, repairs and maintenance of your boat are in the best possible hands so that it will be ready to set sail at any time.

While we do our work, from your computer you’ll have access to videos, photos and reports on your boat. This record means you can keep track of everything, have a log and keep up to date with every step of our maintenance plan, which, broadly speaking, covers the following:

  • Security. With boats constantly in motion and the risk of them suffering damage during rain or wind storms, our plan includes checking bilges, line tension, water seepage, sail fittings, shore connections, etc.
  • Warranty. Checking your boat means we are able to process any warranty claims, replace parts and carry out repairs without you needing to worry about a thing.
  • Repairs. As an official agent we have access to the know-how on carrying out repairs on your boat. Moreover, we repair any damage or replace parts with original spare parts.
  • Discounts. We offer a 5% discount on original spare parts for your boat.
  • Cleaning. We assign 4 hours a month to cleaning: maintenance of the WCs, washing down of stainless steel parts (stanchions, lifelines, ties), washing down the teak with fresh water, checking bilges, ventilating and opening portholes and hatches, etc.
  • Tests. Our plan includes turning on the engine, air conditioning, generators and heating regularly for intervals of 15-20 minutes, to check they are working properly and prevent (among other things) corrosion, lack of lubrication, loss of settings due to a lack of power or leaks.

This is our plan. And you can be sure that if you take out this after sales service we will look after your boat as if it were our own.

If you require a more specific, personalised maintenance service we can also provide this. Find more information here.